Youra Story

When I was young I look at the jewelry and touch it in different ways, the way that tells me there is a beautiful story will go to happen one day. What a wonderful thing holding a precious piece on your hand, imagining creating one, that thought hit me, creating my own imaginary thing to be real, terrifying yet exciting.

From that day I carried with me this love of jewelry, I love every piece of it, I read every article, went to every of my favorite stores, just looking to it made more sure to walk that steps, until that day in 2012 when I started my first sketch something happened to me its like my hand told YES where are you all of these years? From that day I just started sketching and imagining, putting everything into papers, but I postponed the idea of having jewelry brand for reasons bigger than me but I knew it would happen one day. In 2014 I took the love of jewelry to exciting world and make the dream come true, you know as they say when it’s time, ITS TIME.

So I started the path of jewelry designing, and what a wonderful path, it’s like everything put into exact perfect place, treating my designs as my own cute kids.