Shades of Date

Shades of Date

YOURA Jewelry creates a SEEN piece that represents the art of creativity, capturing what is hidden to show it in a beautiful piece of jewelry that expresses a meaning that touches our hearts and tickles our feelings. 

Our inspiration for this piece was the colors, gradations, and stages of maturity of dates. Dates are our history, heritage, and civilization, a symbol of dignity and goodness, our leading food, nourished by our fathers and grandfathers, our kings and greats, until this blessed land.

We became like eagles, sprinting freely and innovating in every direction, bearing upon us the love of this country and that this date is the source of our soaring.


Cuff Bracelet

-White Diamonds weigh 1.95 cts VS1 VS2

-Yellow Diamonds weigh 0.11 cts

-Brown Diamonds weigh 1.03 cts

-Tsavorite weight 0.93 cts

-Emerald Marquise total weight 18.22 cts

-Total count of stones finished 574 stones.

-Bracelet 18k Yellow Gold,125 grams.

Made in Italy


18K Yellow Gold 51 grams, 220 diamonds total weight 2.40 carats VS1-VS2

36 Emerald Marquise total weight 14.5 carats

289 Brown Diamonds and natural gemstones total weight of 7.10 carats.


18K Yellow Gold 18 grams, 136 diamonds total weight 0.95 carats VS1-VS2

12 Emerald Marquise total weight of 1.85 carats

126 Brown Diamonds and natural gemstones total weight of 1.80 carats.

Made in Italy

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