Because the stones are living beings with a particular language, mysterious and profound spirit, soul, and character, We navigate in it and take inspiration from its language, colors, nature, and thousands of the most beautiful pieces and formulate them into one unique piece. Each piece has to be one of a kind; otherwise, it is a useless addition.

We retain the natural brightness and glamor that diamonds and stones naturally possess, only that we immerse them with love, attention, and creativity.

Let the imagination express beauty.

Classic Jewelry

Nothing compares to time-honored classics. It expresses luxury that extends through the ages to be the link between the beauty of the past, the modernity of the future, and the beauty and sophistication of our present moment.

They are pieces that stretch across the ages to immortalize a unique piece with its different story, to inspire us that there is no time or place, only an excellent and indispensable piece in every woman's jewelry box.

Magical Palace

Design your dream

Seek the world of knowing

Enter the light

Enjoy the vortex

Fill your universe with the details of your happiness.

Eternal Pendant

What does eternity mean in YOURA Concept?

Eternity is an absolute, different, and deep meaning that explains many aspects, for everything in this life is eternal if we believe in this. So love in the concept of the tremendous deep is eternal, beauty is lasting, life is endless, and all the meanings and values intertwined are infinite, as well as gold, diamonds, And gems are all eternal.

We formed this meaning through the eternity pendant, made of 18k yellow gold, Colombian emerald, amethysts, and diamonds.

The Bridge

Because it's a unique and rare stone, green amethyst always acts as a bridge between the chakras, nourishing and focusing the heart. It balances the body, inspires the mind, and raises the soul.

Its unique and distinctive green color exudes life and serenity. Moreover, it symbolizes self-esteem and well-being.

Flourish Ring

Because our inner spirits are always flowering, open, and bright, we combine in this Ring what we feel about ourselves and what we see in the beauty of external nature, Especially the spring season, with its beautiful colors of flowers and the greenness of its pure leaves.


We called this piece The Generation because it was made for a girl who adored one of her mother’s old pieces. When the seventies were famous for making the piece combined with three colors of gold, yellow, white, and pink, we made this piece for her to be an extension of a beautiful generation and a reflection of her mother’s spirit full of vitality and beauty.

India Spirit

The soul of India

It is the enduring spirit, the land of wisdom, the deep knowledge.

It is the land of love and the overlapping dimensions, the meeting and the gathering of lovers.

isis pendant

Creativity and imagination are a beauty seen and embodied in a unique piece of central focus for YOURA jewelry.

The ancient god's Isis inspires the isis necklace; with her ancient history and extraordinary abilities, this necklace is made of yellow gold, lapis lazuli, rubies, peridot, and diamonds to reflect the features of this timeless legend.

Sci-Fi Pendant

Our clients are our biggest concern and source of inspiration. Just as we derive inspiration from the vast universe and its beauty, we also derive inspiration from the client and the feelings, ideas, interests, and love within him.

This necklace is inspired by science fiction for a client who loves this type of movie; this made her mean to YOURA jewelry to create this unique piece—inspired by this meaning, in addition to her love for Rose Quartz, the stone of love, And friendship. Her precious stone is mixed with ideas and creative imagination for her, which is the depth of the meaning she is looking for.

Tree Of Life

Always power is the symbol of life, and everything that becomes alive is in-depth and characterized by strength and will. The tree of life is still a symbol of strength and tenderness. Its roots extend deep and widen in the horizon, as if it is the anchor on which the entire universe is based, carrying within its beauty, love, strength, and generosity. The tree of life inspires this necklace in its profound meaning, representing the mother in her greatness, beauty, power, and giving.

Ruby stone fuchsite shows the depth of this meaning, as it combines the characteristics of the ruby stone with the fuchsite.


Always look up at the sky, see how the universe expands, and connect to the world that excites you. It's not a universe. It's a multiverse.

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