The Story of Our Brand

What does YOURA mean?


It’s taken from the Arabic word ‘be seen’

“And that his effort is going to be seen” An-Najem sura aya 40


It reveals the process from the invisible to the visible world.


It describes the two words


YOU: we mean the jewelry

RA: is the first two letter from the designer name RABAA

Why we choose the eagle our brand and signature?

Until the 18th century, diamond was taken from Golconda near to Hyderabad in India, the Italian historian pliny has written a valuable information about how did the native Indian were extracting the diamonds from a deep valley where they throw meat full of grease, so the diamond stick to the meat, then comes the eagles and take it back to their nests, after that natives go up to the eagle’s nests and get the diamond in a very clever way. In our brand we emerge the story of eagles and diamonds and show it as a one elements.

Why do eagles fly high?

Eagles tend to boast their abilities to notice the most particular details on earth from afar. They tend to perceive the slightest details from a distance and dominates the sky and earth ready to hunt. With one glance, high up in the sky, he can see what no other bird can see. Just like eagles, we reclaimed that area up high for inspiration. In YOURA we are always on the hunt for original unexplored heights, and ideas, looking for inspiration and locking it in our designs to present our clients with unique designs that reflect the light in their souls.

The Brand Colors

Our brand’s colors consist of blue, green and gold.

The blue represents elevation and expansion.

Green is for growth and revelation.

While gold is for brightness, grace, and luxury.

Those three elements that are incorporated in our identity, and are where our inspiration lies. We seek from the blue the sense of expansion, and variety, from the green the sense of motivation, and achievement, whereas we get from gold the sense of splendor.

The Story of the Designer

Sometimes, you are led to significant discoveries by pure chance, but you are guided by your passion and interest it is a different story. The designer Rabaa Saleh s. Alangari started her journey with a great passion for diamonds, painting, colors and creation; she was moved by great connection between the soul and all those elements. Her curiosity to find more, follow the latest trends and visit the most infamous design houses, had eventually led her to establish her team. Youra’s team is motivated by a great passion for design and drive to create exceptional pieces that can appeal to all different tastes and personalities. In 2015 YOURA jewelry took its space in the field to announce the birth of a new dimension in the world of jewelry and beauty.

This is how YOURA was created.