About Youra

Our Divine life is a portal for every beauty, Our soul is the source, sparkling within like a diamond to lead us to a higher level to find a harmony rhythm (angelic harmony). When we find the beauty within, we speak a love language captured by a sparkling eye, talking with radiant soul, No limits or barriers.


Art is the inspiration mingled with magic, sneaking inside us, originates in nonentity, which is a place that time doesn’t exist, feelings are not measured, love flows with radiant glamor, seeking hidden beauty, sensing the unseen charm. What we are is a lifetime of exquisite thing that becomes seen, building a story between you and you.

And you with the whole world.


A beauty of jewelry should start where it all begins from the beauty that pulls my eyes, which let my soul dazzle and dance till the piece become a conscious being with a radiant soul, that let the beautiful story linked with the beautiful piece.


Youra jewelry is a fine jewelry brand based in Saudi Arabia Riyadh, YOURA taken from the Arabic words “be seen”.


My vision of my Jewelry is timeless and you’d be able to wear it all the time, all seasons, it’s not limited for a certain occasion or looks.

My collections are all inspired by my life and all the beauty surrounding us, that sometimes it appears clearly to our eye, but sometimes the beauty disguised to our eye makes it hard to appear, and here was the heart plays the part of sensing and feeling the beauty.


“The eye does not only see beauty it is also felt by the heart”


Youra jewelry finds beauty in small things, carrying with it a lot of meaning of a symbols, words, stories, culture, peace, melody, music, rotation, poet, dance, exploring the world, people and planet. Everyone got a story to tell, experience to be told, and a dream to be achieved, everyone can read the piece based on the level of their experience and imagination which that what makes the piece an art piece.


We obviously don’t live in a perfect world, but the truth is what I’ve learned was the jewelry can make peace in whole the world, the most precious stone can let the universe reflect the beautiful light that we all seek it.  When I thought of the first collection, I thought for some things can let me describe the idea of humanity, the only words that showed up in my mind were “oneness”. So I was thinking what is the most words is suitable to let this collection born, I couldn’t find more beautiful description than “happy color” that explains what amazing oneness means.


About The Designer


When I was young I look at the jewelry and touch it in different ways, the way that tells me there is a beautiful story will go to happen one day. What a wonderful thing holding a precious piece on your hand, imagining creating one, that thought hit me, creating my own imaginary thing to be real, terrifying yet exciting.

From that day I carried with me this love of jewelry, I love every piece of it, I read every article, went to every of my favorite stores, just looking to it made more sure to walk that steps, until that day in 2012 when I started my first sketch something happened to me its like my hand told YES where are you all of these years? From that day I just started searching and imagining, putting everything into papers, but I postponed the idea of having jewelry brand for reasons bigger than me but I knew it would happen one day. In 2014 I took the love of jewelry to exciting world and make the dream come true, you know as they say when it’s time, ITS TIME.

So I started the path of jewelry designing, and what a wonderful path, it’s like everything put into exact perfect place, treating my designs as my own cute kids.


Rabaa Saleh Al-Sulaiman Al-Angari