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Happy Color Collection

Take a look at the Happy Color Collection

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. 

YOURA Jewelry

Happy Color Collection

Happy color collections are a collection inspired by the word ONENESS, we are all connecting together as if we were the colors of the rainbow exposing our beauty.

" Our Divine life is a portal for every beauty,, Our soul is the source, sparkling within like a diamond to lead us to a higher level to find a harmony rhythm (angelic harmony). When we find the beauty within, we speak a love language captured by a sparkling eye, talking with radiant soul, No limits or barriers. Art is the inspiration mingled with magic, sneaking inside us, originates in nonentity, which is a place that time doesn’t exist, feelings are not measured, love flows with radiant glamor, seeking hidden beauty, sensing the unseen charm. What we are is a lifetime of exquisite thing that becomes seen, building a story between you and you. And you with the whole world. "
Rabaa Saleh Al-Sulaiman Al-Angari
YOURA Founder

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