YOURA Meaning

What does YOURA mean?

  • It's taken from the Arabic word 'be seen.'

"And that his effort is going to be seen" An-Najem sura aya 40

  • It reveals the process from the invisible to the visible world.
  • It describes the two words.


YOU: we mean the Jewelry

RA: is the first two letters from the designer's name RABA'A.

Why we chose the eagle as our brand and signature?

Until the 18th century, diamonds were taken from Golconda near Hyderabad in India. The Italian historian Pliny has written valuable information about how the native Indians extracted the diamonds from a deep valley where they threw meat full of grease. Hence, the diamond stick to the meat and then comes to the eagles and takes it back to their nests; after that, natives go up to the eagle's nests and get the diamond in a very clever way. In our brand, we emerge the story of eagles and diamonds and show it as one element.

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