what does luxury spiritual jewelry mean?


Rabaa S.S. Alangari / July 13, 2019 / Blog

We often thought that the jewelry and gemstones are just for the adornment, something expensive, looking for it just because of its price, shape or even size, it was an abstract masterpiece adorned with it and bring it back to its place.
It may be right and still applied, but have you ever thought it’s something that could help you get something? Or achieve a goal? Have you ever considered it as a creature of God? It is formed and created at the depths of the earth, and cost the human what it cost to bring it out. Is it enough just after all the trouble to wear it to adorn or place the display platform? Or in listing for sale? We see only simple things, one aspect or a single angle, and we neglect its hidden world. This magnificent creature who possesses tremendous energy and high vibrations able to balance, calm you, and achieve the equation in the silence of your thought or even distracting what hurts or bothers you. We used to think about expensive jewelry as just something bare, be expensive devoid of any spiritual forms, one of the reasons to think about that is the jewelry which symbolizes a mental or sensory sense is something modest and even simple priced.

This separation led to the existence of two classes or two sides in the world of jewelry and stones:
1) luxury jewelry abstracts from any spiritual meaning, created for the scenery and adornment only.
2) reasonable price jewelry symbolizes spiritual jewels, like stone beads bracelet, will bring you to balance or even treatment. This concept spread widely to minds and awareness of people, and the difference became bright and clear so that people are looking at the person who wears bracelet and necklace in is manner with a particular classification and quality. He who wears a piece of diamond with more than two carats or three that he exaggerates and devoid of any spiritual meaning and people accuse the sinful person of fatigue extracting that diamond. It is as if the comfort in the bracelet beads of particular stone and fatigue, misery, and guilt in the diamond ring more than a carat or even a small diamond set.
But the question, what is the difference between a diamond bracelet or a beads gemstone bracelet? If we are talking about spiritual meaning, don't they all have energy, vibration, sense? Aren't they all in the gemstones category?
Or it is an implicit assertion that there are precious stone and semi-precious stone? Although the term semi-precious stones became a term and classification is unacceptable and not taken and does not accept those who say it.
Or is it an implicit confirmation of cheating in the manufacture of a stone bracelet with particular beads mixed with plastic?
If we look at all kinds of gemstones and their types, regardless of how they are formulated and synthesized, we will find it vibrant, a creature that speaks, symbolize, feels, at the top of its tenderness and glow, waiting for your message, sign and demand to share with you on your journey and help you achieve your desire.

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