The Designer

Rabaa Saleh S. Al-Anqari, a Saudi designer, started her journey passionately for diamonds, painting, colors, and creativity. She is affected by the significant relationship between the soul and those elements. And also between these elements and what they reflect and affect consciousness.

After finishing her master's degree in educational administration and leadership, she began her journey focusing and passion on Jewelry and stones. She studied the specialty of colored stones at the GIA in London and studied polish diamond grader at IGI Dubai. Because the journey of passion and development is a continuous thing for her, she does not stop researching and learning Anything related to Jewelry, stones, or design.

Everything that her eyes see of beauty is what is important to her. It is captured by her looks and woven into her imagination, and produced as a piece of art mixed with love and mastery; her goal is to make this unnoticed beauty noticeable to others through designs, stones, and unique pieces.

Her curiosity to find more led her to establish an excellent and professional team.

Youra's team is motivated by a great passion for design and a drive to create exceptional pieces that appeal to different tastes and personalities.

In 2018 YOURA jewelry took its space in the field to announce the birth of a new dimension in the world of Jewelry and beauty.

She always said that Jewelry is universal, and although YOURA was born in Riyadh, it is inspired by beauty in all its forms and shapes. Earth is our home, and all cultures inspire us.

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