How does the stone speak to you?


Rabaa S.S. Alangari / May 21, 2020 / Blog

During the last months of the year 2020, I faced many challenges in my life; it was the first time I encountered them, they were difficulties, and Some of them was shocking.
I was in many attempts to either face or deal with them and sometimes ignore them, but some of my efforts were miserable, and in many cases, they were weaker and more complicated. Blurry ideas are distorted and occasionally harmful.
Depending on my work and passion, I spend most of my time either reading about gemstones, searching for new things in the world of jewelry and design, or searching for information related to a type of stone. My relationship with gems is permanent and profound, I understand their language, and I know their signal by nature there are some stones that I adore and love, and there Stones are not in my taste, and I do not find contact with them.
In that period, a kind of precious stone was called to my mind, which is the smoky quartz. I was ignoring this calling, and sometimes I was Marginalize by this idea from my head. However, the calling of this stone in that period made me amazed, especially the stone are not in my tastes and do not appeal to me this calling made me turn to this stone And listen to it.
I've searched about it more than I did before because the stone invited me and talk to me. The surprise was that one of the Smoky quartz's most profound properties is، relieves tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks; also, to ward off negative thinking, and eliminates worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. To absorb misfortune, sorrow, or seemingly impossible obstacles, and fills the place of positive vibrations.
These properties made me amazed, more and more, as if the stone understood my need in that period, the depth of my thinking, and wanted to help me.
Contacting some stones or the appearance of some stones in our lives helps us to know ourselves more and contact us within a deep stage that we might not realize without the emergence of this stone and understanding the message that he wants to deliver to us.
Healing is the incorporation of the mind, body, and spirit. Healing is the integration of these aspects, and with stones, It is sensual, moral, physical, and vibrational healing. In particular, gemstones are at a high level of vibration if you deeply understand that the universe is vibrational. It helps you to maintain the level of these vibrations as much as possible if you respond to them, and sometimes without awareness of you, it works, and so is enough.

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