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Rabaa S.S. Alangari / July 7, 2023 / Blog

There are many deep meanings in our hidden world—flowing meanings that we can hardly see but that you can feel, understand, and sense.

In this depth, YOURA jewelry makes this hidden world into a beautiful piece that carries profound meaning as precious and unique jewelry.

It is known about the EAGLE that it has pure masculine power, carrying meanings of force and toughness, and pure masculine energy that indicates action. The EAGLE is the name of strength, sharpness, and detail. It is a symbol of vigor and victory.

But what if we sail a little to the abundant feminine energy that the EAGLE possesses, which carries the creative sense and symbolizes beauty, an unpredictable flowing energy that flows in the heights with every flow and sways with grace?

Here a different meaning emerges, subtle details appear, and profound and significant matters become apparent. The energies of femininity and masculinity are inseparable and go side by side. One side does not overpower the other, and they walk with a fascinating mixture and a well-balanced splendor.

If the EAGLE is primarily associated with masculinity, several ways exist to understand its association with feminine energy. For example, in some Native American traditions, the EAGLE symbolizes balance and harmony between male and female energies, emphasizing how these two aspects complement and support each other. In addition, the eagle's strong association with the element of air, associated with the feminine in many spiritual traditions, can highlight its association with feminine energy.

Regarding mythology and folklore, the EAGLE is sometimes associated with deities and feminine archetypes such as Athena and Ishtar, indicating a powerful and regal aspect to the female deities. Finally, observing the vulture's physical traits and behavior, including its nurturing approach to raising its young and its ability to guard its territory fiercely, can provide insight into its relationship to feminine energy and the qualities typically associated with femininity, such as nurturing, protectiveness, and intuition.

The EAGLE collection of YOURA jewelry shows the power of details and the beauty of meaning.

It is not only female, and it is not only male. They are two mixed and harmonious energies, appearing in harmony, connection, and rooted in the details.

Rabaa S.S. Alangari

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