YOURA jewelry is a fine jewelry brand based in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. YOURA is taken from the Arabic words “be seen.”

What we are is a lifetime of exquisite thing that becomes seen, building a story between you and you.

And you with the whole world.

The beauty of Jewelry should start where it all begins from the beauty that pulls our eyes, which lets our soul dazzle and dance till the piece become a conscious being with a radiant soul that allows the beautiful story to link with the beautiful piece.

Our vision of the Jewelry is timeless, and you’d be able to wear it all the time, all seasons. It’s not limited to a particular occasion or looks.

Our collections are all inspired by the life and all the beauty surrounding us; sometimes, it appears clearly to our eye, but sometimes the beauty disguised to our eye makes it hard to appear, and here the heart plays the part of sensing and feeling the beauty.

“The eye does not only see the beauty; it is also felt by the heart.”

YOURA jewelry finds beauty in small things, carrying many meanings of symbols, words, stories, culture, peace, melody, music, rotation, poetry, dance, and exploring the world, people, and planet. Everyone has a story to tell, an experience to be told, and a dream to achieve. Everyone can read the piece based on the level of their expertise and imagination, which that what makes the piece an art piece.

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